Matthew: Old Places, New Faces

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Matthew - Old Places, New Faces Series

by Kent Groethe
12 studies that make Bible stories come alive for today's Christian.

Old Places, New Faces is a small group Bible study that looks at the old places from the New Testament stories and gives relevant and faith-stimulating messages for new faces — today's believers.

Matthew - List of Sessions:

1.  Introduction to Matthew
2.  Living with Caution: "Egypt"
3.  Living with Satan: "The Desert"
4.  Living with High Standards: "The Mountain"
5.  Living with Infinite Worth: "The Pearl"
6.  Living with Confidence: "On the Water"
7.  Living with Partners: "A Desolate Place"
8.  Living with a Confession: "Caesarea Philippi"
9.  Living with Dying: "The Grave"
10. Living Because of Death: "Golgotha"
11. Living with the Resurrection: "The Empty Tomb"
12. Living with a Mission: "The Ends of the Earth" 

(Soft cover; 102 pages)

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