Free Stewardship Resources from Sola:  

Many congregations have a time each year where they focus on the theme of Christian Stewardship. Some designate a particular Stewardship Sunday, often in Fall, corresponding to the season of harvest and Thanksgiving. Many churches have the practice of handing out yearly household giving plans and volunteer sign up sheets to encourage members to be intentional in their stewardship.

On this page, Sola Publishing offers some free downloadable resources for congregations and leaders in developing a Stewardship Emphasis for 2017-2018. The theme for this year's emphasis is "Dwelling in the Lord." The key Bible verse comes from Psalm 90:1: “Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.

2017-2018 Theme: "Dwelling in the Lord"

a.  Color Theme Poster (.pdf file)
      - the full-color theme poster shown right

b.  Bulletin Insert-Devotional (.pdf file)
     - two-sided half-sheet insert 

c.  Giving Plan Card  (.pdf file)
     - copy ready original with three 'pledge' cards 

d.  Sample: Time and Abilities Sheet (.doc file)
     - a sign up list for volunteer duties and activities
      (allows you to customize for your congregation) 

e.  Children's Stewardship Coloring Page (.pdf file)
     - two-sided coloring and activity page for kids

f.   Children's Stewardship Card (.pdf file)
     - copy-ready card for how kids plan to serve God

g.  Black and White House Logo (.png file) - House Drawing
Black and White Title Logo (.png file) - Dwelling in the Lord

h.  Stewardship Teaching Tools (.pdf file)
     This packet of four half-sheet pages may be used as teaching handouts, bulletin
     inserts, or as part of a stewardship mailing. They help to explain the materials above
     and the concept of Stewardship in general. (These sheets are not "dated.")

i.   Stewardship Skit (.docx file)
     - a simple skit written by Pastor Brian Crocker, for use in worship or education

© 2017 Sola Publishing.  Permission is granted to reproduce these materials for local congregational use. ( 


Previous Year's Resources: "Growing in Faith" (2016-2017)

a.  Color Theme Poster (.pdf file)
b.  Bulletin Insert-Devotional (.pdf file)
c.  Giving Plan Card  (.pdf file)
d.  Sample: Time and Abilities Sheet (.doc file)
e.  Children's Stewardship Coloring Page (.pdf file)
f.  Children's Stewardship Card (.pdf file)
g.  Black and White Logo  (.png file) - lilies of the field