As the Ancient World Turns...(Drama Two-Pack)

Item # D-L102
$10.00 / 2-pack

As the Ancient World Turns Around the Guiding Light of the Days of All Our Ancestors Lives 
Two-Book Drama Combo

by Paul Lintern

This collection features short plays in the style of a radio drama. Each play or "episode" reveals a new event in this biblical soap opera. The scripts are all written in easy-to-understand language and place the characters in a modernized ancient world. Read them alone, or aloud with a group. The dramas are ideal for fellowship groups and Sunday School classes to use for openers and icebreakers.

Book One: As the Ancient World Turns - A collection of 37 episodes that chronicle the adventures of Abraham and Sarah and their descendents. Follow Abraham and Sarah as they leave behind their concerns about telephones and camel mechanics to follow God's call. Book One includes episodes such as: "Abe Gyps Egyptians," "Sodom Gets it Right in the Gomorrah," and "Jake's Wrestling Match."

Book Two: Holy Moses - A collection of 35 episodes that chronicle the adventures of Moses and the Hebrew people in their exodus from Egypt to the promised land. Book Two includes episodes such as: "Sheepherder on the Lam," "It was on Fire when I Spoke to It," "Egypt has Plague Build-up," "A Manna for all Seasons," and "The Donkey will Balaam Out of the Mess."

(Book One, softcover, 51 pages; Book Two, spiral bound, 63 pages)

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