Book: Reclaiming the Lutheran Liturgical Heritage

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Reclaiming the Lutheran Liturgical Heritage

Book by Oliver K. Olson; with introduction by Gracia Grindal

Written for clergy and laity alike, this book provides historical background to Lutheran theology and practice. It explores the influences that have shaped recent hymnals like the Service Book and Hymnal, the Lutheran Book of Worship, and, now, Evangelical Lutheran Worship. With increasing emphasis, each succeeding hymnal appeals to ecumenical authority. In this book Dr. Olson argues that appeals to the ecumenical ideal are departures from Lutheran teaching. To illustrate his thesis, he has produced a generally understandable mini-survey, which follows Martin Luther's reform, how it fares in today's liturgical climate, and why the Lutheran Church should reclaim its confessional liturgical heritage.

(Soft Cover Book; 89 pages)

1.  Christ's Command, "Do This"
2.  Liturgical Novelties
3.  The Lord's Supper
4.  The Church's Supper
5.  Ecumenical Authority?
6.  The Eucharistic Prayer
7.  Reclaiming Christ's Testament
Abbreviations, Glossary

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