Confirmation: The Lord's Prayer (Student)

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The Lord's Prayer

Student Book

The Lord's Prayer book is a ten-week unit, which includes one session on the Introduction, each of the Petitions, and the Conclusion. The Scripture focus in the Lord's Prayer series is on the Parables of Jesus, with Bible Study lessons taken from the Gospels.

Click SAMPLE to see the introductory pages and a sample of session one.


Session 1: Prayer
Session 2: Name
Session 3: Kingdom
Session 4: Will
Session 5: Dependence
Session 6: Tresspasses
Session 7: Temptation
Session 8: Deliverance
Session 9: Doxology
Session 10: Devotion

About the Sola Confirmation Series:

Written by the Rev. Steven E. King, the Sola Confirmation Series is a basic workbook style Confirmation curriculum, designed to serve as a simple and practical resource for teaching the biblical Word of God according to the traditional pattern of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. Each book in the series can be used as the basis for a “come as you are” small group Bible study, as a student book for home school or independent study programs, or as a classroom tool and homework resource as part of an existing confirmation program. Click OVERVIEW to download a pdf sheet describing the program, including an outline of session topics.


The Sola Confirmation Series incorporates Luther's Small Catechism, 2010 Edition © Sola Publishing and ReClaim Resources. The primary author and translator of this new edition of Luther’s Small Catechism is Rev. Scott Grorud, with Rev. Thomas Jacobson, Rev. Natalie Gessert, and Dr. Gracia Grindal as contributing consultants.