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Lessons in the Lutheran Confessions
Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 44

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Hebrews 13:4

From the Confessions: The Defense of the Augsburg Confession

Concerning the Marriage of Priests 

Accordingly, in a time like this, marriage should have been especially defended by rigorous laws and examples, and people should have been encouraged to marry. This is the responsibility of magistrates, who ought to maintain public order. Meanwhile, teachers of the Gospel should do both: they should exhort uncontrolled people to marry, and should exhort others to not despise the gift of self-discipline.

Pulling It Together: A further edition of the Lutheran Confessions adds, “God has now so blinded the world that adultery and fornication are permitted almost without punishment; on the contrary, punishment is inflicted on account of marriage.” Surely this sounds all too familiar to the reader. Marriage is held suspect in our time, while fornication, adultery, and a host of other sexual sins are not only glossed over, these things are actually encouraged. Worse, this is not simply a societal matter; it is championed by many churches. History teaches nothing to those who know better than God. Nevertheless, marriage remains his answer to these problems that assail us.

Prayer: Lord, teach your Church and give her your Spirit’s strength and courage to do your will. Amen.

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