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Lessons in the Lutheran Confessions
Concerning Both Kinds in the Lord’s Supper – part 14

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Mark 7:8, 13

From the Confessions: The Defense of the Augsburg Confession

Concerning Both Kinds in the Lord’s Supper 

Even if we presume the freedom to use one part or both, how can the prohibition of one kind be defended? The Church cannot take the liberty of turning the ordinances of Christ into matters of indifference. Yet we excuse the Church, which has borne the injury since it could not obtain both parts. However, we condemn those who maintain in their writings that the use of the entire Sacrament is justly prohibited, those who not only prohibit, but even excommunicate and violently persecute those using the entire Sacrament. Let them determine how they will give an account to God for their decisions.

Pulling It Together: Christ’s command cannot get much clearer than, “Take; eat,” and “Drink of it, all of you.” He did not suggest a choice of courses. It is not a matter of whether one likes the taste of either bread or wine. Nor is it a matter of class of people, or care of the carpet. It is simply a matter of command. What did Christ say? Thus, it is not a question of what tradition a church holds to, or what their pastor thinks about the Lord’s Supper. It has always been and remains his meal, that is received in the way he instituted.

Imagine Christ handing the cup to any believer and the pastor stepping between Christ and that person, insisting, “Nope! None for her, sir. She’s no one special.” Quite the contrary; she is a person for whom Christ shed his blood, and the cup is meant for her. The poor consciences of sinners should not be deprived from either course in God’s holy meal.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your gracious commands. Amen.

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