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Lessons in the Lutheran Confessions
Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 37

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Colossians 2:18–19

From the Confessions: The Defense of the Augsburg Confession

Concerning the Marriage of Priests 

Paul greatly disapproves of these angelic forms of worship in Colossians 2:18. For when people believe that they are pure and righteous on account of such hypocrisy, they suppress the knowledge of Christ. They also inhibit the knowledge of God’s gifts and commandments which he desires us to employ in a godly way.

Pulling It Together: Programs of austerity for the sake of meriting favor with God are useless. Indeed, they are harmful. These things make us think that we are the cause of our own salvation. But when we face our condition, confessing our sins instead of imagining that we can atone for them, then we understand that Christ alone is our Head, the only ground of salvation. Looking to him, we find that he is the one who created faith in us through the gospel, and is then perfecting it in us through the sacraments (Heb 12:2).

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