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Lessons in the Lutheran Confessions

From what I can tell as a Lutheran pastor, the great theology of the Lutheran Confessions is lost to the church today and for that reason, I think many Lutherans are rudderless in the ocean of the Word. We may read the Bible but unless we have a guide, we are often inclined to go in any direction and end up on odd shores of interpretation. Historically, our guide has been The Book of Concord. That collection of documents, written in the 16th century, has guided Lutherans for hundreds of years in what we confess the Scriptures mean.

I am convinced that the only way to keep renewed Lutheran bodies from ending up on the reefs is to know why we believe what we confess. So, I have begun a multi-year project of writing new devotional material that teaches the Lutheran Confessions. Sola Devotions begins with a passage of Scripture that relates to a reading from The Book of Concord. That reading, though sometimes only a phrase, is also provided and is followed by an explanation of the Scripture and confession.

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