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Go Forth, My Heart, This Summer Day

Public Domain

Lead Sheet (PDF)

melody and chords for guitar and voice (full page)

Key of D

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Key of D
Text: Paul Gerhardt
Music: August Harder
Tune: Geh Aus Mein Herz
LBW/WOV Hymn: #n/a
ReClaim/Sola Hymn: #264
Category: General;    Theme: Creation
Scripture: Romans 11:36
Hymn Text

1 Go forth, my heart, this summer day, Go forth and
Seek your joy today With thanks for all these pleasures! 
See, all around the earth is new, God has adorned the world for you,
With wonderful green treasures, With wonderful green treasures.

2 The trees are covered now with leaves, The dust of
Earth is swathed in green, A lovely robe of color.
The tulip and narcissus rare Are dressed in clothes beyond compare,
Past Solomon's great splendor, Past Solomon's great splendor

3 The lark flies up into the breeze, The dove takes
Flight above the trees Within the woodsy by-way.
The highly gifted nightingale Breaks forth in song in hill and dale,
Through all the fields and highways, Through all the fields and highways.

4 The hen leads all her young brood out, The stork builds
Up a sturdy house, The swallow feeds her birdlings.
The mighty stag, the gentle doe Come down to where green pastures grow
Upon the verdant meadow, Upon the verdant meadow.

5 I cannot keep my own heart still When I see
All that God has willed To waken all my senses
So I can sing with all who sing. Let all the highest good now ring
Which in my heart is dancing, Which in my heart is dancing.

6 I think how great my blessings are Which you so
Lovingly impart Upon your great creation.
And how much greater blessings wait Above in heaven's rich estate.
Where golden streets await us, Where golden streets await us.

7 O Holy Spirit, dwell in me So I become
A living tree With roots so deeply grounded.
O grant that I will sing your praise  And bear rich fruit through sll my days
By all your love surrounded, By all your love surrounded.