If It Was Easy, Jesus Wouldn't Have Prayer for IT

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If It Was Easy, Jesus Wouldn't Have Prayed for It

by David Drum

Does the body of Christ resemble Jesus' prayer? Are we praying with Jesus that it would? It isn't easy.

Jesus' John 17 prayer is far more strategic, central to the New Testament, and instructive than we realize—and it's working! In the largely unchurched city of Tucson, AZ, countless people are turning to the Christian Church as an expressions of the love of God for everyone in the city in areas such as foster care and places like the public schools. In an increasingly divided and immature world, Jesus prayed the answer.

This second book from David Drum details new challenges and insight to his role of being an "employee" of John 17. He'll unpack the blessings that have emerged through six years of full time devotion to seeing Jesus' prayer answered in his city. Join the adventure as he shares unexpected trials, while expanding your understanding of exactly what unity/harmony is, how it works in multiple settings, and how you can draw even closer to Christ in the process.

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