Introductory Edition: ReClaim Hymnal

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ReClaim Hymnal - Introductory Edition

Introductory Edition: This is a condensed paperback version. If you are looking for the full hymnal, please consult the entry for the Pew or Spiral Edition.

This small paperback version gives an introduction to the full-sized hymnal. It includes Luther's Small catechism, the Communion Setting 1, Baptism, Wedding, Funeral services, as well as a selection of 47 hymns found in the full ReClaim Hymnal.

The Reclaim Hymnal was written to help Lutherans reclaim our heritage, our purpose, our future, and our passion as Christians. In accord with Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions and in the spirit of the Reformation, ReClaim represents a solid historical Christian structure of the liturgy, going back to the New Testament itself. The goal is to teach the Christian faith and make certain that everything in our services and in our personal devotions proclaims God's Word clearly.

(Soft Cover Book; 124 pages)

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