Journey to Christmas - Radio Program

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The Journey to Christmas

A Four-Part "Old-Time Radio Drama" Script for the weeks of Advent

Written by Laura Arndt

This old-time radio script takes people on a journey from Creation to Christmas, telling the story of Scripture throughout the centuries. After all, Christmas is not just about Jesus’ birth. It’s about the journey of salvation from the beginning of time all the way to us today. Advent is the time before we celebrate Christ’s birth for us to remember what the Lord did for His people throughout the Old Testament. It answers the question: "Why do we need a Savior?"

The script is written in the format of an Old Time Radio Show (complete with 'sponsor' breaks and sound effects), but it is easily adjusted to be presented as an in-person drama, to serve as a multi-part Advent/Christmas program. As a radio show, it’s not necessary for players to wear costumes, props are not needed, and memorization is unnecessary. The radio drama can be done in front of a congregation (for example, as part of an Advent series), or can be done as a series of "pre-recorded broadcasts" for people to listen to online in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This program can be presented by children or adults, in parishes of any size. The script allows for a lot of flexibility.

Contents (Four-Part Series):
Advent 1 (11 script pages): Tells the stories of Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Isaac;
Advent 2 (13 script pages): Tells the stories of Jacob, Joseph, and Moses;
Advent 3 (11 script pages): Tells the stories of Joshua, Saul, David, and Solomon;
Advent 4 or Christmas Eve (7 script pages): Tells the story of Christ’s birth until the departure to Egypt.

(Reproducible PDF - 57 pages)

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