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The Origin, Unfolding, and Interpretations of the Silesian Children's Prayer Revival

by Eric Jonas Swensson          *Special 15% Discount

Research in the roots of evangelicalism and revivalism uncovers its share of peculiarities, but nothing is more unusual than what follows. What we have here is a compelling story touching on the exercise of free religion, the religious wars in Europe, the roots of Evangelicalism, the supernatural, and more, all wrapped up in a religious revival which began not through a charismatic revivalist, or in fact through any adult at all, but with children, aged four to fourteen. The children became pawns in a controversy between opposing political and religious forces. Indulge your curiosity and read the remarkable story about the King of Sweden and the 1707-08 Children's Revival in Silesia, a tale of hope and prayer.

(Softcover; 100 pages) softcover

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