Letters to a Young Christian (Leader's Guide)

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Letters to a Young Christian (Leader's Guide)

A Ten-Week Bible Study for Youth
on the Books of 1st and 2nd Timothy

Leader's Guide written by Rev Drs. Steven King and John King,
based on the study by Rev. Thomas Walker

Timothy was a young man learning what it means to be a Christian in the midst of a quickly changing world. As a child, he had been raised in faith by his mother and grandmother, but now he wanted to experience a deeper and more mature understanding as an adult believer, and was looking for guidance on how to live his life as a genuine follower of Jesus. In the biblical letters of First and Second Timothy, the Apostle Paul wrote words of encouragement and advice to young Timothy, showing how the promise of Jesus makes a difference for who we are and what we do.

Accompanying Student Book Required
Due to space limitations, the content of the Student Book is not included in this Leader’s Guide. This book is meant to serve as an “answer key” for discussion questions only. Leaders will need to have a copy of the Student Book (Y-1010) as well.