On this page Sola has made available a number of free reproducible resources for use in worship — including basic orders of worship for Sundays and special services. While these materials remain under the copyright of the authors, congregations are welcome to download and reproduce them for local use.

Christmas Services

A) Candlelight Service Bulletin - DOWNLOAD: DOC File
     (from Holy Cross Lutheran Church - Maple Lake, MN)
     a generic two page back-to-back bulletin master:
     - contains a basic order of service with texts of public domain carols

B) Christmas Eve Service Booklet - DOWNLOAD:  PDF file, ODT file
    (from Trinity Lutheran Church - Fletcher, NC)
     a 14 page booklet with a complete Christmas Eve service and readings

Sola Scriptura Setting
A Spoken Liturgy for Holy Communion — using Scripture Verses

FREE PDF: Individual Half-Page Format

FREE PDF: Pages Formatted for Printing Back-to-Back as a Booklet

servicecoverpic.pngThis setting of the service for Holy Communion is being made available from Sola as a free downloadable file. The spoken dialog and prayers in this setting are taken directly from the English Standard Version (ESV), with the appropriate citations listed throughout. Verses were chosen to convey the same sense and meaning found in the traditional liturgy, emphasizing the biblical basis for our worship. Since this is a spoken liturgy, relying on musical accompaniment only for congregational hymns, it is well-suited for places where professionally-trained accompanists or vocal soloists are not available to lead a musical setting of the liturgy.


The Holy Trinity Setting
A Revised Version of the 1917 Common Service 

© 2011 - Text: Michael G. Tavella, Musical Arrangment: Kile Smith

FREE PDF:  Individual Page Format  (black/white/red)

This revised setting of the Lutheran Common Service of 1917 was created by the worship staff at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (NALC) in Abington, PA.  It is especially recommended to congregations that come from a more formal liturgical tradition.

The setting is offered to the larger Church as a "draft version" for use by congregations in worship.  Permission is granted to reproduce copies for local congregations and district gatherings, so long as the copyright information above appears.  The authors solicit feedback from pastors, musicians and congregations.  For questions and comments, please contact Pastor Amanda Grimmer by email at: