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Lessons in the Lutheran Confessions
“Our Lord”

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2 Thessalonians 2:14–17

From the Confessions: The Ecumenical Creeds

The Apostles' Creed — “Our Lord”

Pulling It Together

A lord is one with authority over another. He has the power to exert his authority, and likely will do so. He is master and absolute ruler of all under his dominion. In one sense, this is the meaning of “our Lord.” He is the one who is our ruler and authority. We do as he says. We must be obedient to his rules for this is the same as being dutiful and faithful to him.

Lord is also the word used over and over in the Scripture for God. Kyrios (the Greek word for “Lord”) indicates that God is being referenced. It is used over 700 times in the New Testament, usually when referring to Jesus Christ. So, our confession of him as “our Lord” holds double significance. He is not only our authority, master, and ruler; he is God. It is one thing to concede that a person holds sway over you. It is an altogether bigger deal to recognize that this Lord of us is God. Yet, he is a gracious Lord and not at all cruel. He loves us with the greatest love, giving us through the covenant and his sacrifice, everlasting comfort and the hope of redemption. This is who we confess to be “our Lord.”

Prayer: Our poor souls cry out to you in trust, for you are our Lord. Amen.

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