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Lessons in the Lutheran Confessions
The Small Catechism – part 216

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From the Word: And they departed and preached that people should repent. (Mark 6:12)

From the Confessions: The Small Catechism, Confession of Sin

What sins should we confess?

Before God we should acknowledge ourselves guilty of all kinds of sins, even those of which we are not aware, as we do in the Lord’s Prayer. To the confessor (pastor), however, we should confess only those sins which we know and which trouble us.

Pulling It Together: The old proclamation of the twelve disciples still has legs. Even now, they go from house to house, urging us to repent. Have we failed God in the light of any of his commandments? Of course, we have. Confess it and be done with it. I say, “be done with it,” in the sense of no longer dodging the fact of your sin, or groaning under its weight of guilt. Be done with it so that you may walk out into the light of day to be obedient, faithful, industrious, joyous, loyal, encouraging, and kind.

Prayer: Forgive me, Lord, so that I may live for you. Amen.

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We live in a culture in which "knowing" is frequently associated with an accumulation of details and facts. But what is the meaning of "knowing" in the terms of a close relationship with our heavenly Father? The objective of this The Ultimate Intinmacy is learning that knowing the Father is not so much about details and facts as it is realizing the various ways the Lord has to make himself known to us in a personal way. The result is that each day and moment become a marvelous, mysterious adventure of experiencing his great love for us.

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