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Lessons in the Lutheran Confessions
The Large Catechism – part 10

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From the Word: Therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord. (Ezekiel 34:7)

From the Confessions: The Large Catechism, Introduction

Yet these delicate, finicky fellows would, after one reading, straightaway be doctors above all doctors, know everything, and need nothing. Well, this too, is a sure sign that they despise both their office and the souls of the people — yes even God and his Word. They do not have to fall; they are already fallen all too horribly. They need to become children and begin to learn their ABCs, which they imagine they outgrew long ago.

Pulling It Together: Who calls pastors and teachers? God, of course. He should be able to expect of those he has employed that they do their work as he intends. Yet, in our churches, too many have ignored the basic teachings of Scripture. A pastor goes in to a new parish and sees the evidence plainly. It is as though Luther never made his tour of Saxony, never wrote the Catechism. Worse, because it has not been taught — indeed, has not been learned by the pastors — many so-called shepherds have jumped to the devil's answer: “The Catechism is not relevant in modern culture.”

This is tantamount to saying, While the Ten Commandments are irrelevant, what I want to tell you is quite important. God will hold them accountable (Ezek 34:10); only let us do better, feeding and caring for the sheep who are in our folds.

Prayer: Give me the strength and courage to be faithful, Lord. Amen.

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