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Lessons in the Lutheran Confessions
The Large Catechism – part 37

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From the Word: 1 Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 2 through whom we also have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. (Romans 5:1–2)

From the Confessions: The Large Catechism, Preface

When these parts have been carefully learned, you may supplement and fortify them by adding some psalms or hymns that have been written along these lines, and thereby, lead the young into the Scriptures and make daily progress.

Pulling It Together: Have you ever tried to help your child with algebra homework? First, you have to learn it yourself. Second, you dare not help today but then, not help again until weeks later. You will be relearning algebra each time, not to mention the frustration caused for your child. It is the same with the Catechism. Work with your children every day, so that they learn about God’s grace, and how they may rely upon it through faith.

When they have mastered the Catechism (though one never does), unfold the rest of Scripture to them. Teach them verses that harmonize with the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer. Then show them the abundance of verses that show the Creed. In doing this, you will bolster your child’s faith — and your own as well.

Prayer: Teach me your Word, Lord, while I teach others. Amen.

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