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The Lord has fought the fight. He has gone before us and has won the long battle. He is with us and will never leave us or forsake us. More
Some orders of monks placed their hoods upon dead bodies, indicating that their good works were transferred to the account of the deceased. More
The opponents’ conclusions were that if one pays for his own reward, he can pay more than is due. Therefore, the credit must be transferable to others. More
There is nothing worthy of forgiveness and the resurrection of the body to everlasting life, save the work of Christ. Imagining otherwise does great damage to Scripture and to troubled hearts and minds. More
Eternal life is a reward from God that is based on something very important: his promise. It is not based upon how much work we have done. More
“Blessed are the poor,” Jesus says in Luke’s Sermon on the Plain. In Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount, he says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit." More
Faith is the means of justification, righteousness, and salvation. Only faith keeps our souls at peace before God. Our good deeds will never give us at rest. More
We are reborn with a purpose. But let us be clear; the purpose does not precede or cause rebirth. That purpose is the result of our being newly created. More
What will be the result in the future life for the way we have lived the present life? Left on our own, sin and death are terrifying. More
We should recognize in ourselves that we are disposed to fall back into old ways. But we should also consider that others are just like us. More
Good works are evidence that a person has been justified. For the Spirit who produces good works only indwells the justified. More
Why did the gentiles come to a state of righteousness when the Jews worked hard at it but never arrived? Why did the gentiles attain righteousness when they did not even try? More
What came first, the chicken or the egg? Some love to deliberate over such things; these questions wear out other people. More
The difference that precedes salvation is easy to determine. That distinguishing feature is trust in the one who saves. More
We are indentured servants, slaves to sin and death, and we can never earn our freedom. Either the master sets us free—and death and the devil are not going to do that—or someone pays our debt and sets free. More
The old nature believes that if one loves enough, is joyous all the time, at peace, patient and kind toward others, is good, faithful, and self-controlled, that person will have earned God’s grace. More
If a man was swimming in the ocean and began to drown, he would be quite correct to not trust his own efforts to save himself. But he would yell with his last breath to the lifeguard. More
There is faith and there is the fruit of faith. Faith ought to have results in this life, not just the result of an eternal life to come. More
God forgives us for the sake of his name. His reputation is at stake, so he will keep his promise. This is easy to understand. More
Behold, what importance some people place in their works. They value deeds so thoroughly that they distort the words of Christ. When he downplays works, they exalt them. More
When we think that we have earned God’s mercy and may therefore, demand it, we rob God of the glory that belongs to him alone. More
The First Commandment teaches us that God is faithful to deliver his people. “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery." More
Our sin leaves us indebted to God. This is why Jesus tells us to pray, “Forgive us our sins.” Matthew uses the word “debt," making it clear that we owe God for our moral failure. More
Pour some dirt into a cup of water and find out how many people will drink? Just so, we are not palatable; each person is just some good mixed in with the bad. More
We cannot make any offering for sin that produces mercy and forgiveness. Our virtue will not do it, nor will religious works, the right disposition, or remorse. More
Everybody sins. Anyone who claims otherwise, is kidding himself but God is not fooled. We were born into sin; it invades all of life. More
Some people have faith in their works. They believe that there are certain things they can do to earn God's grace. This imagined acquisition of grace is called condignity. More
The spirit is compelled to have faith in God but the flesh is weak. It is hard to stay awake and watchful against the accusations of the law. More
Those who consider themselves Christian would confess that Christ saves. But the later actions of some betray a different belief than what they confess. More
There is no good thing that we can do, or even a lifetime's collection of good works, that God would dignify as a righteousness worthy of eternal life. More
True faith in Christ is not shaken for long, since it remembers the source and object of its faith. Faith does not seek to appease an angry God. More

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