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ReClaim Hymnal - Setting 1

Setting I Composer: John Ylvisaker

Setting 1 from the ReClaim Hymnal is a traditional setting of the Service for Holy Communion written by John Ylvisaker, following the Lutheran order of worship. Referred to as the "Saint Paul Setting," it is found on pages 21-39 in the the ReClaim Hymnal for Church and Home.

Bulletin Templates (DOCX files)
Options for bulletin templates are linked below, based on this setting. Active SOWeR subscribers who own the ReClaim hymnal are granted permission to download and modify these "docx" files for local congregational use.

ReClaim Setting 1 - Communion (page references only)

ReClaim Setting 1 - Non-Communion (page references only)

Individual Music Images (PNG files)
Unlike our other worship settings, Sola Publishing is not able to provide online music images for Setting One of the ReClaim Hymnal. The copyright belongs to the estate of the composer, the late John Ylvisaker. Permission to copy and print all of Ylvisaker's works is administered through One License ( A subscription to SOWeR does not, in itself, provide licensing rights to reproduce Ylvisaker's work.