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Vocation (Call Inc.)

In the area of vocation and discerning one's personal calling, Sola recommends the ministry of Call Inc. Printed resources from Call Inc. may be purchased here through Sola Publishing.

Call Incorporated (Call Inc.) is a Christian non-profit teaching and discipleship mission dedicated to mobilizing ordinary people called by Jesus’ to incorporate discipleship into all of life … family, work, community, world and the gathering of believers. Call Inc. not only provides printed resources (below), they also present congregational workshops and events. For more information, go to the Call Inc. website at:

Call Inc. works to:
- Teach ordinary people to seek, discover, and incorporate Jesus’ call into all of life.
- Train leaders to mobilize people and encourage leaders to discern their "call within their call" to increase their effectiveness.
- Renew Christian churches by mobilizing ordinary people anointed by the Holy Spirit and “called out” to transform the world.

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A Faith to Suit You Well B-B360
"A Faith to Suit You Well" is a book by Dr. Frederick W. Baltz, focusing on the biblical basis for our faith in Jesus Christ, and the ways in which people come to trust and believe in Jesus.
$12.95 / each
Custom Designed  - Reflection Guide Q-B120
Custom Designed Reflection Guide by Wendy A.W. Berthelsen and Steven A. Harr Be the unique "you" Jesus is calling you to be. Seek, discover and incorporate the Lord's call into all of, work, neighborhood, world, and the gathering of believer
$13.29 / each
Custom Designed - Book Q-B110
Custom Designed  A Life Worthy of the Call by Wendy A.W. Berthelsen God does not only call pastors, missionaries or professional church staff; rather, God is CALLING EVERYONE, and more importantly God is CALLING YOU! God’s unique vision for you will
$12.99 / each
Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth Q-5120
Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth, Illustrated Book by Peter Connolly
$14.95 / each
Living More with Less Q-5216
Living sustainable as good stewards of God's Creation
$9.95 / each
Many Gifts One Lord B-S310
Many Gifts One Lord: A Biblical Understanding of the Variety of Spiritual Gifts Among Early Christians and in the Church Today by Harley H. Schmitt
$15.00 / each
Reviving the Aging Church B-H111
Reviving the Aging Church - A Practical Guide by the Rev. Bradley Hales.This book looks at aging ministry as a significant part of congregational renewal and a pathway to rejuvenating a church’s local mission.
$10.00 / each
Seasoned Hope D-B150
Seasoned Hope, a devotional book by Chris Brekke
$14.99 / each
Service Profile + License Q-B310
Downloadable, print ready PDF file.
$9.99 / download
Spiritual Gifts Inventory + License Q-B320
Print ready downloadable PDF
$19.99 / download
The Wise Economy of Your Life (Stewardship) Q-B140
The Wise Economy of Your Life Balancing Your Time & Money by Wendy A.W. Berthelsen Minute by minute and day by day, your life is unfolding while “spending” choices compete for your time, money and resources. Using your time, money and resource
$3.99 / each