We Still Believe (Leader's Guide)

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We Still Believe:
A Seven Session Bible Study on Lutheran Themes in the Common Confession

by the Rev. Steven E. King

This Bible study is offered as a resource for reflecting on key biblical themes in Lutheran doctrine that are at risk in the Church today. It is offered in the hope that it will inspire individuals and congregations to examine the core beliefs of traditional Lutheranism and how these beliefs apply to our present context. Written in a question and discussion style by Pastor Steven King, the participant's book includes a copy of the faith statement known as the Common Confession, and an introduction.

Each session is built around two foundational Scripture texts and several additional Bible readings, with a reader's introduction and discussion questions. The leader's guide, written by pastors Steven King and Scott Block, also includes background essays written by members of the Lutheran Core Steering Committee.

Click HERE to read the introductory pages and see a sample session.

Note: The Common Confession is a basic seven-part statement of faith that is shared by the WordAlone Network, Lutheran Core, NALC, as well as hundreds of individuals, congregations, local reform groups throughout North America. This study would serve as an excellent tool to be used by pastors, lay-leaders, and congregations in discussing the theological issues that are at stake within Lutheran denominations in our present day. The study represents the historical Christian position on these issues, and focuses on the biblical basis for what Lutherans have believed and taught for centuries.