Sola Publishing
Websites Made By the Church For the Church

Website Features

Pages and Navigation

  • Unlimited Pages
    • Easily create unlimited pages. We don't limit your pages. If you need a page, you should be able to create it without worrying about jumping to a new price plan.
  • Access to Exclusive Sola Content
    • Access to THOUSANDS of beautiful Scripture graphics for use anywhere on your site
    • If desired, you can have the daily Sola Devotions placed directly on your site automatically every day (you don't need to do a thing)
  • Member Only Pages
    • Need to make some pages private? Easy. Simply assign a password to the page and anyone who tries to access it will be prompted with a password.
  • Page Editing
    • Each page can have text, images, video segments, audio players, attached documents… you name it! 
    • Need to update your staff directory or change your Home Page? Updating your church website is as easy as editing a document. You can give editing privileges to anyone you want, so your staff is always equipped to make changes.
  • WYSIWYG & HTML Editor
    • You are able to change page content using our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and HTML editor.
    • Amp up your site with specialized content. Insert a giving form, a Google form, or virtually anything to customize your website to your liking.
  • SEO-Friendly Pages
    • All pages have page titles that are search engine friendly, as this will help people locate your site and relevant content.
    • Search Discoverability:  When people in your area search for churches nearby, they’ll find you (assuming you add your address). When they look for your church name specifically, they’ll find you. And if you fill out your custom pages with other information people are looking for, they’ll find you there, too. Every page of your website is optimized for Google searches.
  • Custom Header Images
    • Add a unique personality to each page by assigning custom header images to each page. 
  • Drag-and-Drop Navigation
    • Once you've created a page, you can easily place it in the navigation menu using our drag-and-drop navigation module.
  • Mission and Vision page
    • Your mission and vision show people how your local Christian community lives out the global mission of the church. Use this page as an opportunity to help visitors see what sets you apart, and keep members focused on the reason your church exists.
  • Staff Directory Pages
    • Help members connect with the right people, and let visitors get to know your church before they even arrive. Provide as much information as you want, or even link your directory to staff testimonies.
    • Want to highlight action teams and committees just like you would your paid staff?  We want you to highlight them too!  You can create custom teams, assign your members to them, and have them display just like the staff page.
  • Contact Us Page
    • Put all your contact information in one place so people can reach you however they prefer.

Calendar and Events

  • Create unlimited events
    • Church doesn’t just happen on Sundays. It’s a community of people who live out the gospel together. Sola Publishing Websites include a simple event calendar to help your church keep track of what’s coming up and show visitors how they can get involved.
    • Showcase your upcoming events in a visual calendar, or a regular list. Each event has its own page where you can list additional details.
  • Powerful Repeating Settings
    • Set any event to repeat weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, plus specify custom end dates and repeating event exceptions.
  • Color Coded Categories
    • Make events stand out by assigning colors to each event category. This helps website visitors quickly and easily discern the events that are of interest to them.
  • Location Management
    • Admins are able to manage the information for each event location.

Audio and Video Sermons

  • Sermon Archiving
    • Store your sermons in one convenient place.  They’ll automatically appear on your church website. Your church gets storage to upload sermon audio, video, or text for free.
  • Powerful Sermon Sorting
    • Your website visitors can sort sermons by series, date, speaker, and topic. Finding a sermon has never been easier!
  • Customizable Sorting Options
    • You are able to decide which sorting options show on your website. Do you make use of sermon series but not topics? Easily hide any sorting option you don't need.
  • Series, Topics, & Tags
    • Assign series, topics, and tags to each sermon to allow your website visitors to easily find the sermon or sermon series they're looking for.
  • Audio, Video, and Documents
    • You can attach audio files, video files, documents, and images to a sermon. YouTube and Vimeo integration make video work seamless and simple.
  • Customizable Terminology
    • Customize your sermons page to use your preferred term for speakers (speaker, preacher or pastor) and sermons (sermons, messages, talks, or teachings).


  • Unlimited Blogs
    • Create as many blogs and blog posts as you desire.  Each of your staff can have their own blog, complete with unlimited posts, content sorting and RSS syndication.
    • Host blogs on your church website. This widget transforms your articles into well-designed, easy-to-navigate blogs.
  • Comment Moderation
    • Moderators can easily delete any comment that posts.  Also moderators can subscribe to a post to get emailed when someone posts a comment.
  • Publish as Featured
    • Do you want to highlight specific blogposts over the others? Publish them as featured and they will appear on the "featured posts" tab, drawing the attention of anyone that comes to your blog.

Other Features

  • Support for Online Giving
    • Anyone can give anonymously in seconds and create an account later if they want to manage recurring gifts. Church staff enjoy simple, streamlined budgeting with electronic records, and it integrates seamlessly with your church website saving everyone time and effort.
    • NOTE:  We use for online giving and can help you get set up with an account if you don’t already have one.  However, if you use a different online giving service, let us know and we’ll get it integrated for you!
  • Customizable themes
    • Every church is different, and your site should show that. With customizable themes, your church website can look like you. Change the menu, layout, color scheme, fonts, and more to fit your needs.
  • Mobile-friendly, 100% responsive design
    • If your church website isn’t optimized for mobile, two things happen: people have a harder time using your website, and search engines penalize your page. With Sola Publishing Websites, you don’t have to pay extra for a mobile-friendly website—we provide it free.
  • Custom Domain
    • Make your church web address memorable and easy to find with your own domain name (e.g., And if you already have a domain name, great!  We can help you get it pointed to your new Sola Publishing Website.
  • Form Module
    • Create custom forms with submitted information either emailed to admins or accessed from admin only pages on your site.
  • Mission Partner Module
    • Spotlight the missionaries and organizations your church supports
    • Simply fill out a form for each mission group you support and the mission spotlight pages and navigation gets built automatically for you
  • FAQ Page
    • Simply enter in common questions and answers relating to your church and a FAQ page will be built for you automatically
  • Image Galleries
    • Create unlimited image galleries and display them as part of any page on your site
  • Ministries & Gatherings Spotlight
    • Simply enter your various ministries and gatherings and a custom spotlight of your ministries and gatherings is automatically created for you and may be placed on any page on your site, or on the home page
  • Member Database
    • Maintain a database of your membership.  Assign any member to a position on the Elder team or an action team or committee, and your Staff and Team page is automatically updated
    • Other websites require you to purchase a separate module for managing your membership database.  Ours is built in to the website product with new features made available at no extra cost