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Your Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We

Public Domain

Lead Sheet (PDF)

melody and chords for guitar and voice (full page)

Key of F

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Key of F
Text: Hans Adolph Brorson
Music: Johann Abraham Peter Schultz
Tune: Her Kommer Dine Arme Sma
LBW/WOV Hymn: #52
ReClaim/Sola Hymn: #112
Category: Christmas;    Theme: Incarnation
Scripture: Galatians 3:26
Hymn Text

1 Your little ones, dear Lord, are we, And come your lowly bed to see;
Enlighten ev'ry soul and mind, That we the way to you may find.

2 With songs we hasten you to greet And kiss the dust before your feet.
O blessed hour, O sweetest night That gave you birth, our soul's delight.

3 Now welcome from your heav'nly home You to our vale of tears, have come;
Flesh has no off'ring for you, save The stable, manger, cross, and grave.

4 The whole world bound by Satan's might You've come to rescue from the night
And free us with your nail scarred hands From all our enemy's strong bands.

5 Jesus, alas! Why it is true So few bestow a thought on you,
Or in the love, so wondrous, great, That brought you down to our estate?

6 O draw us wholly to you .Lord, Keep us beside you in your word.
True faith and love to us impart, That we may hold you in our heart.

7 Keep us, howe'er the world may lure, In our baptismal covenant pure;
That every yearning thought may be Directed toward your charity.

8 Until at last we, too, proclaim, With all your saints, your glorious name;
In Paradise our songs renew, And praise you as the angels do.

9 We gather round you, Jesus dear, So happy in your presence here;
Grant us, our Savior, every one, To stand in heav'n before your throne.