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ReClaim Hymnal Services
Sola Publishing is the adminstrator of worship materials previously produced by ReClaim Resources. We are pleased to be able to continue the ReClaim legacy by making these resources available into the future. We will continue to add ReClaim content to SOWeR for the convenience of our subscribers.

ReClaim Setting II - Full Accompanist Score
(pdf, printed in landscape format)

ReClaim - General Order for Prayer
(pdf, halfsheet bulletin)

ReClaim - Order for a Wedding
(pdf, halfsheet bulletin)

Liturgies & Services

On this page you will find preformatted liturgies, inserts, and orders of worship for regular and occasional services, copy-ready for duplication. The services below are laid out as static PDF files, in half-page or full-page format, similar to the pages you would find in a book of worship.

Traditional Liturgical Texts:

Basic Worship Texts
Individual liturgical texts in the Public Domain from the International Consultation on English Texts (ICET) and the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).

Bulletin Template - Traditional Liturgy
The full liturgy for Holy Communion assembled into an editable document for use as a worship bulletin (docx file: words only).

Seasonal Chorale Services
The words of the traditional liturgy paraphrased and set to familiar hymn tunes, by Rev. Cathy Ammlung (pdf files).

ReClaim Hymnal Worship Settings:

ReClaim Hymnal - Setting 1
A modern traditional setting for Holy Communion written by John Ylvisaker.

ReClaim Hymnal - Setting 2
A contemporary jazz setting for Holy Communion written by Doug Norquist.

ReClaim Hymnal - Setting 3
A traditional setting for Holy Communion based on the Lutheran Common Service.

SOWeR Worship Settings:

Sola Scriptura Setting
A spoken liturgy for Holy Communion comprised entirely of Scripture verses.

Holy Cross Setting
An informal liturgy for Holy Communion written in a contemporary-folk style.

Holy Trinity Setting
A formal liturgy for Holy Communion based on the Lutheran Common Service of 1917.

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Occasional Services

The links below to download occasional services and inserts for use in worship and pastoral care. These are laid out as preformatted PDF files, in a half-page format, similar to the pages you would find in an "occasional services" book.

Funerary Rites
Prayer Service for the Visitation
Comforting of the Bereaved
Funeral Service (Burial of the Dead)
Committal Service (Graveside)

Seasonal Services
Service for the Longest Night
(Advent/Christmas Memorial)
Ash Wednesday Liturgy
(Confession and the Imposition of Ashes)
Palm Sunday Procession
(Rite and Gospel for the Procession of Palms)
First Communion
(Prayers of the Church and Welcome)
All Saints Cemetery Service
(Service for All Saints as a Congregation in the Cemetery)

Recommended for use on Trinity Sunday:
Athanasian Creed (full text)
Athanasian Creed (as a responsive reading)

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