ReClaim Hymnal - Setting 3

Setting III: Lutheran Common Service

Setting 3 from the ReClaim hymnal is based on the Lutheran Common Service of 1917 (in the public domain). Versions of this more formal setting of the liturgy have been used in many different Lutheran hymnals over the years. The setting is found on pages 73-93 in the the ReClaim Hymnal for Church and Home.

Bulletin Templates (DOCX files)
Options for bulletin templates are linked below, based on this setting.  Active SOWeR subscribers who own the ReClaim hymnal are granted permission to download and modify these "docx" files for local congregational use.

ReClaim Setting 3 - Communion (page references only)
ReClaim Setting 3 - Non-Communion (page references only)

Individual Music Images (PNG files)
The image clips linked below feature the text and melody line for each of the congregational parts of the liturgy, cropped to a standard width. These individual PNG files may be inserted into bulletins or displayed onscreen by local congregations who own the ReClaim Hymnal and are active SOWeR subscribers.

  1)  Kyrie Eleison ("Lord, have mercy")
  2)  Gloria in Excelsis ("Glory to God on High") 
  3)  Salutation ("The Lord be with you")
4a)  Gospel Introduction ("Hallelujah")
4b)  Lenten Sentence ("Return to the Lord your God")
  5)  Gospel Acclamation ("Glory be to you, O Lord")
  6)  Great Thanksgiving (Dialogue & Proper Preface) - split in two: DialogueProper Preface
  7)  Sanctus ("Holy, holy, holy")
  8)  Agnus Dei ("Lamb of God")
  9)  Nunc Dimittis ("Lord, now let your servant depart") - canticle tone
10)  Benedicamus ("The Lord be with you")
11)  Benediction ("The Lord bless you and keep you")