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Website: Holy Families
Holy Families! is an initiative of the North American Lutheran Church provided through a generous grant from the Thrivent Foundation, in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. Produced by Sola Publishing, this special initiative will include a number of Lutheran discipleship resources for families and congregations.

Website:  Sacramental Discipleship
Sola Publishing has released a major Bible Study series under its Sacramental Discipleship Initiative called "Disciples of the Cross." Written as a resource for small groups, women's and men's groups, or other adult classes, this two-part study approaches the topic of Discipleship through a Lutheran "theology of the cross." Additional resources will be built around the core studies.


Other Friends of Sola Publishing

Listed below are a number of links to our friends and ministry.  Please visit their individual websites for more information:

LCMC - Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

NALC - North American Lutheran Church

CALC - Canadian Association of Lutheran Congregations

Lutheran Core - Coalition for Renewal

WordAlone Ministries - Archives and More!

Augustana District - LCMC

Saint Paul Lutheran Seminary

Institute of Lutheran Theology

ReClaim Resources


Here are some additional websites and online discussion groups:

Facebook - Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

Facebook - Lutheran CORE

Facebook - North American Lutheran Church