Adult Education

Sola's "Read the Bible in One Year" Reading Guide

In honor of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation & Martin Luther’s emphasis on the Word of God, Sola Publishing provides this plan to help people read through the Bible in a year. Download here.

Sola's "What Does This Mean?" Series

Sola Publishing has put together a number of copy-ready educational brochures on various biblical and theological topics. Permission is granted to download and reproduce the pdf files below, free for individual or congregational use.* They are printed in a basic black-and-white format for ease in reproduction.

These two-sided tri-fold brochures are suited for use in various ways: as fliers in a church information area, as a simple resource given out to inquirers, or as a handout for use in a simple one-session Forum or Bible Study (a number of Scripture texts are referenced in each).  Just click on the title of the brochure below:

You Are My Witnessesbrochureluthercoverpic.png

Saved By Grace Through Faith

Distinguishing Law and Gospel

Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Healing

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Your Word is Truth

To Be One in Christ Jesus

God's Two Kingdoms

* These resources are under copyright, and may not be used for commercial purposes or to be republished in any other format.

Christmas Trivia Quiz - How much do you know about the real biblical story?

The Divine Plan - a two-sided handout describing human sin and God's saving work in Christ
                                         (by Dr. Harry Wendt of Crossways International)



"Reading the Bible with Luther" Bible Study Series

Rev. Virgil Thompson is presenting a Bible study series in Connections magazine. The text and questions for this study are being made available here as free PDF downloads. For more information on the study, contact Pastor Virgil Thompson at: 

Study Session 1 - Intro (pdf)        Study Session 11 (pdf)

Study Session 2 (pdf)                      Study Session 12 (pdf)       

Study Session 3 (pdf)                      Study Session 13 (pdf)

Study Session 4 (pdf)                      Study Session 14 (pdf)

Study Session 5 (pdf)                      Study Session 15 (pdf)

Study Session 6 (pdf)                      Study Session 16 (pdf)

Study Session 7 (pdf)                      Study Session 17 (pdf)

Study Session 8 (pdf)                      Study Session 18 (pdf)

Study Session 9 (pdf)                      Study Session 19 (pdf)

Study Session 10 (pdf)                    Study Session 20 (pdf)


Study Session 21 (pdf)

Study Session 22 (pdf)

Study Session 23 (pdf)

Study Session 24 (pdf)

Study Session 25 (pdf)


A Christmas Bible Study (by Pastor Tom Walker)

Handout: Intro to the Book of 1 Maccabees