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Sunday Schoolhouse (C Series) - Green Year

Sola Publishing’s Sunday Schoolhouse series is a flexible Sunday School curriculum focusing on the priority of God’s Word using a “one room schoolhouse” approach, allowing for children of varying ages and grade levels to meet together. The three years of the program cycle (Blue, Red, and Green) may be done in any order -- they are not related to the lectionary year.  Each year features four units of seven sessions each: two on stories from the Old Testament and two on stories from the New Testament.  If you would like to introduce the series to people in your congregation, click to download a printable PDF Brochure listing the complete Sunday Schoolhouse Series, with an overview of the enitire program and a list of Bible lessons for all three years.

For a sample of what a lesson looks like, click these links:     Student Pages Sample   <>   Teacher Pages Sample

You can order printed booklets or downloadable pdf files -- both are reproducible! 

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