Advertising Rates - Connections

Connections features advertisements from a number of mission agencies, publishers, individuals, churches, and denominational groups.  Our rates for ads depends on the size and location, as follows:*

Cover rates:
Inside front cover (1/4 page): $200.00
Inside back cover (1/4 page): $200.00
Back cover (2/3 page): $700.00

Interior rates:
Full page: $600.00
1/2 page: $310.00
1/4 page: $160.00
1/8 page (business card size): $75.00

Ad design service is also available. Contact Mark Ryman at 336-684-5634 or by email.

* rates are subject to change as circulation increases.


Connections magazine and Sola Publishing does not specifically endorse or recommend the service and product of its advertisers, nor does it imply endorsement by any denominational body. The editors reserve the right to decline any advertising they deem inappropriate or not in harmony with the mission of the magazine.

2019 Ad Deadlines

The following are the issues, themes, and advertsing deadlines for 2019. 

January-February: First Commandment – ad deadline: Dec 15, 2018
March-April: Second Commandment – ad deadline: February 15, 2019
May-June: Third Commandment – ad deadline: April 15, 2019
July-August: Fourth Commandment – ad deadline: June 15, 2019
September-October: Fifth Commandment – ad deadline: Aug 15, 2019
November-December: Sixth Commandment – ad deadline: Sept 15, 2019