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If You Will Trust in God to Guide You

Public Domain

Lead Sheet (PDF)

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Key of Gm

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Key of Gm
Text: Georg Neumark
Music: Georg Neumark
Tune: Wer Nur Den Lieben Gott
LBW/WOV Hymn: #453
ReClaim/Sola Hymn: #222
Category: General;    Theme: Trust
Scripture: Psalm 42:5
Hymn Text

1 If you will trust in God to guide you
And hope in him in every way,
He'll give you strength and walk beside you
And help you through your troubled days.
For those who trust God's mighty love
Build on a Rock that none can move.

2 What help is all your grief and mourning,
What help is there in sighs and tears,
What help is there when ev'ry morning
We cannot shake regret and fear?
They make our grief and heavy cross
Weigh on our hearts with pain and loss.

3 In patient trust and quiet leisure,
Wait for his gracious holy will.
Gladly receive our Father's pleasure
Whose love for us is constant still.
The God who chose us knows our cares,
And knows the burdens we can bear.

4 Oh, do not think in all your terror
That God, the Lord abandoned you,
Or those who seem to have his favor
Are always blessed in what they do.
Time brings new changes ev'ry day,
Which you will meet upon your way.

5 For God the Lord these things are easy
For he rules over small and great.
He raises up the poor and needy,
Casts down the rich from their estates.
God is the mighty wondrous One
Who raises up and casts us down.

6 Sing, pray, and walk with God; keep pressing
To serve the Lord most faithfully,
And trust in heav'ns abundant blessing,
For as in heaven so shall it be.
For those who put their trust in him
Will find he'll not abandon them.