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List of Hymns from the ReClaim Hymnal
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Blest Be the Tie That Binds

Public Domain

Lead Sheet (PDF)

melody and chords for guitar and voice (full page)

Key of F

Full Score (PDF)

four-part score for piano and organ (can be used as half-sheet bulletin insert)

Key of F

Music Image (PNG)

melody and words as an image file to paste into bulletins (cropped)

Key of F
Text: John Fawcett
Music: Johann G. Nageli
Tune: Dennis
LBW/WOV Hymn: #370
ReClaim/Sola Hymn: #48
Category: General;    Theme: Society
Scripture: Galatians 6:2
Hymn Text

1 Blest be the tie that binds Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds Is like to that above.

2 Before our Father's throne We pour our ardent prayers;
Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one, Our comforts and our cares.

3 We share each other's woes, Each other's burdens bear,
And often for each other flows The sympathizing tear.

4 When we are called to part It gives us inward pain,
But we shall be joined in heart, And hope to meet again.