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List of Hymns on the Sower Site
In the grid to the right, you will find a list of all the hymns available on the SOWeR website. Each hymn on our site now has its own web page, with text-only lyrics for use in bulletins and overhead projection, downloadable image files with words and music, lead sheets with guitar chords, as well as pdf files of full hymn scores from the ReClaim Hymnal.

List of Hymns from the ReClaim Hymnal
Peruse the list of all the hymns that are included in the printed "ReClaim Hymnal for Church and Home" (Pew and Spiral Editions)

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Theme: Comfort

Hymns & Music

In this section you will find a database of music for use in worship (fields below can be sorted by title, category, theme, etc.). Each of the blue links below opens a page for an individual song -- featuring author data, plain-text lyrics, full-score hymn inserts, and simplified lead sheets for accompanists. Song numbers are provided for LBW/WOV and Sola's ReClaim Hymnal. (Songs marked "n/a" do not appear in the listed hymnal; songs marked "orig" have original lyrics written by Sola authors to familiar hymn tunes.)

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Name Category Theme LBW Sola
Away in a Manger Christmas Comfort 67 110
Silent Night Christmas Comfort 65 107
What Child is This Christmas Comfort 40 113
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Communion Comfort 198 80
Abide With Me Evening Comfort 272 62
O Day of Rest and Gladness General Comfort 251 Sola
Peace to Soothe Our Bitter Woes General Comfort 338 Sola
The Lord Took His Disciples In General Comfort n/a orig
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Christmas Comfort n/a Sola
Comfort, Comfort, Now My People Advent Comfort 29 98
Now All the Woods Are Sleeping Evening Comfort 276 61
When He Cometh Advent Comfort n/a 96
O Jesus, Let My Eyes Be Opened Invocation Comfort n/a 45
Jesus Lord and Precious Savior General Comfort n/a 176
The King of Love My Shepherd Is General Comfort 456 198
I Know of a Sleep in Jesus Name General Comfort 342 273
God Be with You Till We Meet Again General Comfort n/a 55
The Sun Has Gone Down Evening Comfort n/a 65
In the Garden General Comfort n/a 160
Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus General Comfort n/a 212
Sun of My Soul! Thou Savior Dear General Comfort n/a 213
I Walk in Danger General Comfort n/a 250
I Saw Him in Childhood General Comfort n/a 259
O Christ, Our Light Evening Comfort n/a original