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Devotional Resources

Holy Family Time Website
Holy Family Time is a free online resource produced by Sola Publishing which is intended to help parents and children develop the habit of spending time together praying, reading Scripture, and talking together. The resource is designed to be quickly and easily accessed on computers, tablets, and phones.

Children of God

In this section you will find information on the biblical meaning and practice of Holy Baptism, and how it is the beginning of a child's life of discipleship and faith development.

Baptismal Preparation

Baptism Handbook
This handbook is on the theology and practice of baptism, intended for parents and sponsors who are bringing children to be baptized, as well as for adults who are preparing for baptism.

Baptismal Information Forms
Record forms for baptismal candidates (individual and families) with the basic information to be used for baptismal certificates and church records.

Sola Baptismal Service
This baptismal service provided on Sola's Online Worship eResource, can used for the service itself, as well as for pre-baptismal instruction.

Cradle Roll Ministry

Linked below are simple downloadable "Thinking of You" postcard sheets to help congregations connect to parents and sponsors of children who are have been baptized.

New Baby Postcard
Baptism Day Postcard
Sponsor Thank-You Postcard
Baptismal Anniversary Postcard

Use these record sheets to organize your Cradle Roll:

Cradle Roll Mailing Tally
Baptismal Anniversary Chart

(Resources from this page may be downloaded and photocopied for local use only by congregations that are active subscribers to SEED.)



Faith Formation is a life-long endeavor. We are always learning and re-learning what faith in Christ is all about. As disciples of Jesus, we are students of the Master. This page is meant to be a resource for that ongoing, catechetical learning that is the foundation of our faith.

Parents Nurturing Faith

The sheets below were written for new parents, as their child develops and grows. These sheets may be used as part of a monthly parents' group or mailed to families with new children. 

Your New Baby

Your One-Month-Old

Your Two-Month-Old

Your Three-Month-Old

Your Six-Month Old

Your One-Year-Old

Your Two-Year-Old

Your Three-Year-Old

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