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Orange Year (D) - Release Schedule:
All four units of the Orange Year can be accessed above. However, subscribers should note that new materials will continue to be added as each season approaches. Our projected schedule for the release of updated or additional materials is as follows:  Unit D1 = May 2023, Unit D2 = August 2023, Unit D3 = October 2023, Unit D4 = December 2023.

Nine-Session Summer Series:

"What Do You See in Church?"

For congregations continuing with Sunday School in the Summer, we have provided an abbreviated nine-session intergenerational series. Click the blue title link above.

Notes on the SEED Lesson Schedule:
The full SEED Curriculum features a four-year cycle of lessons, providing a complete Bible overview from Genesis to Revelation in each school year. This cycle of lessons is not to be confused with the RCL or Sola lectionary calendar for worship. SEED Years are denoted by color and letter: Blue Year (A), Red Year (B), Green Year (C), and Orange Year (D).  Click HERE for a list of all the Scripture lessons included in the four year cycle of SEED (primary and secondary readings).

Access to the Current Year and Previous Year:
We will be focusing on the OrangeYear (D) for the school year of 2023-2024. Links to the lessons are listed above. Since SEED is a subscription service, content is updated each season as it is created and continues to be added throughout the year. For those who may not have finished some lessons from the previous Green Year (C), you can still access those lessons by clicking on the Year C button above.

FAQ: What age group is SEED meant for?
The SEED Curriculum was designed to provide resources for Lower Elementary (Pre, Kin, 1st, 2nd Grade) Upper Elementary grades (3rd-6th Grades), Youth (Middle/High School), as well as for Adults. Beginning in 2023 we have added a number of resources specifically aimed at "pre-reader" and "new-reader" students.

Unit D1 - Lower Elementary Craft Summary (all eight lessons)
Unit D2 - Lower Elementary Craft Summary (all eight lessons)
Unit D3 - Lower Elementary Craft Summary (all eight lessons)