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This is a charge that may be leveled at all pastors, not merely bishops. How can pastors avoid God’s disapproval (to put it mildly) of neglecting their calls? More
Luther visited the parishes of Saxony and Meissen from October 22, 1528, through January 9, 1529. Years before this visitation, he had spoken of writing a catechism for the instruction of children. More
Here is a collection of wallpaper graphics. Use them here to memorize the Ten Commandments. More
There is something more to these articles than doctrine; there is an attitude expressed at number 32 below that would serve the Church of Christ well. More
It is bad enough when the person outside the church swindles people so that he may live in excess. When leaders of the church of God do this to the very ones whom the Lord has called them to serve, it is nothing short of an obscene blotch on the character of the whole church. More
Those who oversee the affairs of the church are not to be loathed because of their office, whether it be called overseer, bishop, president, or otherwise. More
Scripture provides abundant comfort and assistance on the specific subject as well as on general topics that are helpful to a marriage. More
You are a sinner, besieged with temptation. The weight of it worries you. Perhaps, you wonder, it is not well with your soul. Let go of it; give it to God. Take a breath; calm down and pray. More
The local bank began offering 5% interest on checking accounts. Many certificates of deposit do not offer that much. You would have to be crazy not to switch to a bank that offered such earning potential on a checking account. More
Psalm 32:1-11 From the Reformer David, after enduring long and dreadful torments, when God was severely trying him, by showing him the tokens of his wrath, having at length obtained favor, applies this evidence of the divine goodness for his own benefit, and the benefit of the whole Church, that from it he may teach himself and them what constitutes the chief point of salvation. All men must necessarily be either in miserable ... More
He was convinced that he was no good because he could not keep the commandments of God perfectly. He did well most days but then fell down sometimes. More
David was called to be the king of Israel yet was consigned to the wilderness instead of a palace, running from the present king and the whole army. More
It is God himself who provides that further shore of salvation. Indeed, he is the shore. You must rise up and go! More
You may worship him in Zion or by the pillar of the camp or at his footstool or on the holy mountain or on the Mercy Seat itself! More
While pastors should be concerned that the Word of God is upheld in the church, they should do so only from the position of the Word’s authority. Otherwise, they have no authority. More
When the institutional church acts like the world system, there is only one answer: faith in Christ—complete trust in the truth of his gospel. Christ alone will see you through. More
The story of Haman in the Old Testament book of Esther may not be as well known as it should be. Haman was that sort of dishonorable civil official who purchases position and favor. More
If anyone does not obey the apostolic word, it is the responsibility of pastors to offer a biblical corrective to that sister or brother —even if that correction goes so far as terminating church ties with those who are not faithful More
Beware of bishops, pastors, and elders who busy themselves with duties that range often from the ministry of Word and Sacrament. Even in the overseer’s duty of ordination, this ministry of the office is celebrated... More
If bishops are apostatic, or will not ordain gifted, confessional people, the churches must ordain their own pastors. More
The saying reads, “God is not who you think he is; he is who he says he is.” As goes with the person of God, so it goes with doctrine: it is revealed in his Word. More
Everyone of faith in Christ is a priest of God. The church is that “holy nation” Peter means when he speaks of God’s people. From that chosen race, God calls each to a certain vocation. More
The keys belong to Christ and are used in his name and in his presence. Therefore, one cannot insist upon this or that, without the authority and presence of Christ. More
The Augsburg Confession declares that the church is the gathering of saints where the gospel is purely taught and the sacraments are properly administered (Article VII). More
It is Christ Jesus who sends out his ministers. While this is certainly ratified in the church and through the laying on of hands, let us be careful that we do not presume too much for ourselves. More
Here is the distinguishing labor of all ministers (shepherds) of the gospel: take care of the flock. But how is this accomplished? More
The role of bishop is not one of rule and rule making. Rather, a bishop works to hold the church together around the Word. As such, a bishop must ordain new pastors so that the Word will be preached. More
Congregations—and pastors too—often heap more onto the job description of a pastor than is often required, or even good for the church. More
We will have disagreement over some matters in the church. Nonetheless, we must never have disagreement about that which is basic. More
“That pastor caused such division when he led all those churches out of our denomination.” I heard this statement a couple of years ago while visiting an out-of-state church. More
Though no one but Christ is head of the church, there remain bishops, pastors, priests, Council presidents, and others in positions of leadership. Be sure they keep the Word of God. More

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