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It is not becoming of Christians to lead heathenish lives, as they have something nobler to do. They are to be occupied with the Word of God. More
Those who would follow their reason in the things dealt with in the article of the Trinity, will reject the Word, and be defeated in their "wisdom." More
The primitive church would assemble daily for prayer, morning and evening, and also at certain other appointed hours, and frequently entire nights. More
The Spirit, pouring into our hearts, makes us different beings, creatures who love and obey God. This is simply the manifestation of his work in the heart. More
The Holy Spirit has comes to enlighten your hearts, so that you will understand the truth, and will call to remembrance all things of Christ. More
May the Holy Spirit working through the Word convince you that the Father would have your heart free, at peace with him through faith in his Son. More
Church is where it happens. What happens there but God's Spirit working through the read and preached Word? We avoid the assembly at our peril. More
We are loved of God through Christ Jesus and enjoy his favor and grace, but also have the great promises of the Lord himself dwelling completely in us. More
Christ binds the church to his Word and dwells in the midst of those who gather for the teaching and preaching of it, and live under its rule. More
Do not judge things according to feelings but keep to the Word and the comfort of preaching which the Holy Spirit gives to distressed consciences. More
The office of the Holy Spirit is, namely, to invest the treasure — Christ and all he has, to enfold him in your heart so that Christ Jesus may be your own. More
The Church is not known by the name on the sign or external appearance but those who have real knowledge of Christ in his Word and promises. More
Why does God permit his own to suffer? In order to subdue the free will, that we should accustom ourselves to build alone upon Christ. More
"Take heed to accept in purity and to maintain with patience the Word so graciously and richly given you by God without effort or merit on your part." More
The Lord suffers a lifetime with us, giving us the opportunity to repent and believe in his Savior. But he will suffer no longer than a limited lifetime. More
May you hear the Word of God and believe because the Spirit has born witness with your spirit that this word comes from God, and is for you. More
May you know the will of the Father so that you may ask rightly in the Son's name, knowing that you receive for Christ's sake, not by your own merit. More
The gospel is a teaching that gives the world nothing but offense — a thing unworthy to be heard or tolerated because it is not worldly, but spiritual. More
The great and powerful work of all true Christians is, by God’s grace, to keep the faith so that they may have a clear conscience and peace before God. More
Those who would believe and preach the gospel, must cast aside all works supposed to make one just and holy , and allow nothing to remain but faith. More
Christ as a gift makes you a Christian and nourishes your faith, but Christ as an example moves your faith to do good works for your neighbor. More
In the gospel is an entirely different, a spiritual government, that exists alone in the Word, by which sinners are convicted and Christ proclaimed. More
Christ hung upon the cross that we might learn how deeply strength lies hidden under weakness, and learn to know his strength in our weakness. More
We are joint heirs with Christ by believing on the same Lord Jesus Christ alone and the promises of his word and the Father's grace are ours. More
Cling to the great and glorious gifts of the resurrection: the gospel, holy Baptism, the power of the Holy Spirit, and comfort in all adversity. More
When despairing, our works must immediately sink out of sight, leaving no help or victory except the faith that clings to the word of Christ the Lord. More
It is not for human beings to say what is right or wrong, whether an act or ruling is divine, for that is left to God alone who elects those who believe. More
Out of pure grace and mercy, God elects, as beneficiaries of his goodness, the poor, and wretched, and unworthy, who acknowledge themselves guilty. More
We are to remember the poor, as the apostles urged, but there is another poor Man whom the whole world would forget, while Christians remember. More
Christ's kingdom abounds in grace and mercy for he is a comforting, friendly shepherd, who tenderly invites, and all people to come to him. More
If you believe that Christ died to save you from all evil, and hold fast to that word, you will find it so certain and sure that no creature can overthrow it. More

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