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When we perceive the threat to the Church—a threat that exists both from within and without—we can be led to despair of her continued existence. More
We believe in the Church. This is the congregation of those who believe in Christ. They are spread throughout the ages—past, present, and future. More
So we must be careful to confess that sinful people, such as ourselves, become righteous and holy only through the grace of God. More
We deplore the condition of some church bodies, that they have abandoned the Word of God for culturally correct beliefs. Yet, we should not complain overly much. More
Some people attend church because they were raised to do so. They give no thought to faith; it is simply the right thing to do. More
Nearly 40 years ago, a half dozen people from a local cult attended my church, trying to get people to follow their false god. More
Jesus did not come into the world to teach sinners how to save themselves. “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” More
Declaring that a Christian’s deeds are required for justification and salvation both denies Christ and leaves the believer in despair More
The disciples were in hiding, very likely imagining that they were next, that the authorities would come for them too. They had crucified the Lord; what would they do to his followers? More
Surely, it is thought, there must be something we must do. This is the seed of religion and heresy, for faith knows that we can do nothing. More
It is human nature to imagine that we can buy our way out of problems. The person caught speeding, therefore, pays the court to keep the offense off the books so that insurance rates will not increase More
Let us continue to keep Christ at the center of all things. The promised Messiah, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin from the lineage of kings, suffered, was crucified and buried for our sins. More
The ability to love God is not something that we are born with or that we can develop on our own with this fallen nature of ours. In order to love God, one must first be born again. More
Jesus rebuked the Pharisees because they valued their own traditions more than God’s commandments. We must be careful to evaluate those things that we believe and do. More
It is easy for us to confuse the plain sense of things. Sometimes we need someone to come in to our midst and cut to the chase. What is the point that underlies everything we do? More
Lift up the shield of faith in Christ every time the devil attacks. Do not trust your thinking and your doing. Trust Christ, who is your shield. More
Justification, righteousness, and salvation are not only received by faith, these things are preserved for us to the end of time. More
If we go to church, feed the hungry, and buy coats and mittens for the poor, but have no faith in the God who calls us to do such things, do those good works save? More
Jesus satisfied God’s requirement of keeping the law perfectly. Moreover, he paid the penalty for the sins of those who cannot keep the commandments. More
The living grace of God is Jesus Christ. There is no salvation available to us without this grace. There is no grace without Jesus Christ. More
We cannot reason our way to righteousness. Who has been able to say, “In this way, I shall be a good person” and been successful in the enterprise? More
There is a difference between justification and sanctification. Justification is that obedience to the gospel that hears and believes, that trusts God’s promise. More
Lasting peace with God comes through faith. Our deeds can make us feel good for a while but that feeling is not only false, it does not last. More
Yes, God wants our good works, but he earnestly desires our hearts. Works that are done with an unbelieving, faithless heart are not good works; they are hypocritical. More
Be careful that you do not expect God to favor you on the merits of your offerings or works or religious activity. God only has regard for such things when they are done with faith in him. More
Works must always flow from a heart of faith. Abraham did not make an offering of his only son, Isaac, as a mere work. Nor did he expect that God would honor the work itself. More
We must remain aware of a dangerous temptation as we try to keep the law. As we observe the law, we can be enticed to think too highly of ourselves. More
Do the things you are commanded and see if he will not pour out his blessings. But never expect him to justify you for the things you do. More
The issue here—and always—is Christ. Let us not think so much about rewards, but instead, about the reward. We must press on toward the real goal. More
We belong to Christ because of faith. This belonging means that we are his servants. So, we are to do his will and bidding. It also means... More

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