Children & Youth

Sola Publishing has a number of resources to help parents and congregations foster Christian discipleship in the home. Our printed materials can be found below, available for purchase. Many more free resources are availble on our Holy Families! Website: On that site you will find:

  1. Daily Family Prayer Resources (resources published dailly online)
  2. Parents' Pages (online/downloadable topical pages for parents)
  3. Children's Pages (downloadable pages for children/families)
  4. Educational Videos on Catechism (online)
  5. Parents' Video/Discussion Series on Faith Formation (downloadable)

Download a Free Instruictional Flier on "How to Use the Holy Family Time Devotional Resource"

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Brave Queen Esther V-0910
Item # V-0910
$15.99 / each
David: Hero of God V-1010
Item # V-1010
$15.99 / each
Rebekah and Her Family V-1110
Item # V-1110
$15.99 / each
The Adventures of Paul V-1210
Item # V-1210
$15.99 / each
Luther's Small Cat Plush X-1010
Item # X-1010
$8.00 / each