Disciples of the Cross, Pt.2 - Leader

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Disciples of the Cross - Part 2

What We Do - An Introduction to the Practice of Discipleship

LEADER'S GUIDE by Amy Little and Steven King

Disciples of the Cross is a two-part Bible study addressing the topic of Christian discipleship from a uniquely Lutheran perspective. Part 2: What We Do is an introduction to the practice of discipleship, using the Lord's Prayer to take us through key aspects of our life of faith as followers of Jesus. 

The study may be used in conjunction with various discipleship programs and studies to highlight themes from the Lutheran tradition that are not often addressed in many discipleship materials. These include: a Theology of the Cross, the centrality of the Word and Sacrament, an understanding of the Means of Grace, and a recognition of the Christian as both "Saint and Sinner."

Table of Contents:

1. Discipline and Disposition - Law and Gospel in our lives as followers of Jesus
2. Relationships in Prayer - Praying to God and Praying for our neighbors
3. Dwelling in the Word - Listening to God's Word and speaking to our neighbors
4. Sharing Each Day our Daily Bread - Depending upon God and providing for our neighbors
5. Our "Come to Jesus" Moments - Asking forgiveness from God and forgiving our neighbors
6. The Struggle Between Death and Life - Bearing the cross and one another's burdens
Appendix - The Lord's Prayer as a model for discipleship

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