In Heaven's Name, Why on Earth? - DVD

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In Heaven's Name, Why on Earth?

A Bible Study on Christian Stewardship

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This study challenges us to rethink Christian stewardship and how to manage our lives and resources according to biblical tenets. We have, in effect, been given nothing, but merely manage what belongs to God –  that is, the time, talents, body, and life with which God has entrusted us. This three-chapter Bible study series also includes additional appendices for continued reflection and discussion: “Vision for Ministry and Mission,” “Ten Deadly Delusions,” and “The Jesus Chair.” The study is ideal for use in a yearly Stewardship Emphasis or as a lead-up to Stewardship Sunday. 

Like other works written by Dr. Harry Wendt, this study uses graphic illustrations to help students understand and remember important concepts and themes. The text is written with bulletpoint paragraphs to highlight key teachings. Each chapter also includes discussion questions at the end to spark group conversation.


Section 1: Bible Study - "One Owner, Many Managers"
Session 1: "The Plan, The Problem, The Solution" (20:32 minutes)
Session 2: "Priorities? No! Options? Yes!" (4:51 minutes)
Session 3: "Managing Me, Managing Money" (37:35 minutes)

Bonus Video: "Getting Adults into the Word" - Leaders Share Their Secrets

Related to this study are the accompanying Student Book and Leader's Guide.