Martin Luther's Small Catechism (Red Version, Pocket Edition)

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Sola Confirmation Series

Martin Luther's Small Catechism
(Pocket edition)

Featuring liturgical texts from the LBW and ICET ("International Consultation on English Texts")
8100 Series "Red Version" uses the phrase "holy catholic Church" in the Creed

The Sola 2010 Edition of the Small Catechism is a faithful word-for-word translation from Luther's German Catechism. It also includes the section on the Office of the Keys, added later to Luther's Catechism. This pocket edition includes quotations from the English Standard Versions (ESV) of Scripture and the traditional ICET liturgical texts (as used in the Lutheran Book of Worship).

The primary verses of Scripture, Creed, and Prayers are printed in italics; Luther’s explanations are printed in plain text. Luther’s explanations are formatted with a mid-sentence break, to highlight contrasting phrases and to aid in memorization. For ease of use, specific page numbers from this edition of the Small Catechism are referenced in the Sola Confimation Series. 

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