Sola Lenten Dramas: The Power of Lent

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The Power of Lent
Five-Part Drama Series

by Rev. Jeff Cottingham and Dr. Amy C. Little

The Power of Lent is a series of Lenten dramas pairing two characters each week from the story of Jesus' Passion; bearing witness to what they saw, heard, and felt. Each pair of biblical characters reflects upon a similar theme for the week, showing how the same events brought about very different reactions to Jesus and his identity. Scripture texts are assigned for each of the dramas, along with notes to introduce the theme for each week and questions for discussion. A sample order of service and suggested hymns are provided.

1.  The Power of Blessing (Pilate and a Child who was Drawn to Jesus)
2.  The Power of Redemption (Judas and the Thief of the Cross)
3.  The Power of Faith (Caiaphas and Barabbas)
4.  The Power of Involvement (Woman from the Palm Procession and Peter's Accuser)
5.  The Power of Sacrifice (Mary, Jesus' Mother, and Joseph of Arimathea)

(Softcover; 35 pages)