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Sunday Schoolhouse - Bible Story Lesson Book
Blue Year - Unit A2: Old Testament

Subtitled "Stories of Prophets and Kings,"  this electronic PDF version contains reproducible sheets with seven sessions of Bible lessons, pictures, dramas, and worksheets. It covers Old Testament stories from the book of Ruth through the Psalms. If you would like to purchase the accompanying Unit A2 Downloadable PDF Leader's Guide click HERE.

Lessons for This Unit:

Lesson 1) Ruth 1:1-18 "Ruth Cares for Naomi" (Love)
Lesson 2) 1 Samuel 17:1-49 "David Fights Goliath" (Courage)
Lesson 3) 2 Kings 2:1-14 "Elijah is Taken Up into Heaven" (Loyalty)
Lesson 4) Isaiah 6:1-13 "Isaiah's Vision of God's Throne" (Calling)
Lesson 5) Daniel 6:1-28 "Daniel in the Lion's Den" (Persistence)
Lesson 6) Esther 4:1-17 "Esther's Brave Decision" (Decision)
Lesson 7) Psalm 150 "Praise the Lord!" (Worship)