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Printed Version

Sunday Schoolhouse - Bible Story Lesson Book
Blue Year - Unit A3: New Testament

This book contains reproducible sheets with seven sessions of Bible lesson, pictures, drama, and worksheets.  This third unit subtitled "Stories from Jesus' Life" covers Bible stories from the New Testament Gospels including Luke, Matthew and John. To purchase the accompanying Teacher's Guide click HERE

If you would like to purchase the downloadable PDF version of Unit A3 click HERE.

Lessons for this Unit:

Lesson 1) Luke 2:41-52 "Boy Jesus in the Temple" (Purpose)
Lesson 2) Matthew 9:9-13 "Jesus Calls Matthew" (Repentance)
Lesson 3) Luke 15:11-32 "Parable of the Forgiving Father" (Forgiveness)
Lesson 4) Matthew 14:22-33 " Peter Tries to Walk on Water" (Salvation)
Lesson 5) Luke 22:47-62 "Peter Denies Jesus Three Times" (Denial)
Lesson 6) John 19:13-30 "Pilate has Jesus Crucified" (Suffering)
Lesson 7) John 20:11-18 "Mary Encounters the Risen Jesus" (Promise)

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