The Ultimate Intimacy

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The Ultimate Intimacy

by Harley Schmitt

We live in a culture in which "knowing" is frequently associated with an accumulation of details and facts. But what is the meaning of "knowing" in terms of a close relationship with our heavenly Father? Knowing the Father is not so much about details and facts as it is realizing the various ways the Lord has to make himself known to us in a personal way. The result is that each moment becomes a marvelous, mysterious adventure of experiencing His great love for us. The objective of this book is to enable us to hear the Lord more clearly. There are passages that admonish us to wait or be quiet before the Lord. We live in a busy and noisy environment; therefore, it may well require us to exercise discipline to quiet ourselves in our devotional times. The contemplatives of the past called it "centering oneself."

Table of Contents:
1. The All Important Question
2. I Am Who I Am
3. The Truth Will Set You Free
4. Real Joy Comes through Repentance
5. Living Victoriously
6. Consider My Groaning
7. The Voice of God in a Noisy World
8. Turn Your Eyes on Jesus
9. The Ultimate Intimacy
End Notes, Bibliography

(Softcover; 105 pages)