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Sunday Schoolhouse - Lesson Book
Blue Unit A4: New Testament

Subtitled  "Stories from Acts and the Letters," this electronic PDF version of the A4 Lesson Book covers Bible stories from the Book of Acts through the Book of Revelation. To purchase the accompanying PDF Version of the Teacher's Guide click HERE. If you would like to purchase the print version of the A4 Lesson Book click HERE.

Lessons for this Unit:

Lesson 1) Luke 24:36-53 "Witnesses for Jesus" (Witnessing)
Lesson 2) Acts 2:1-21 "The Spirit Comes at Pentecost" (Spirit)
Lesson 3) Acts 4:32-5:11 "Barnabas Gives, Ananias Lies" (Honesty)
Lesson 4) Acts 16:16-34 "A Slave-girl and Jailer are Set Free" (Release)
Lesson 5) Acts 19:23-41 "Demetrius Stirs Up Trouble" (Rejection)
Lesson 6) Philemon 1 "Paul Asks Philemon to Forgive" (Reconciliation)
Lesson 7) Revelation 21:1-14 "John's Vision of New Jerusalem" (Hope)