Abide in My Word

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Abide in My Word

A ten-session Bible study booklet in the Lecto Divina style

by Stéphane M. Kalonji

Christ Jesus, who called his disciples 2,000 years ago to abide in his Word, calls his disciples today to do the same. And it is in response to Jesus’ call that Christian congregations throughout the world gather for Bible study. In an effort and commitment to support this gathering in congregations in the United States and elsewhere, the author has developed this manual to provide ten Bible study lessons, in the Lectio Divina
method, intended to help Christ’s disciples live in accordance with his Word.

Meant for use in small-group gatherings, each of the ten sessions is based on a primary Scripture text, with intentional time for reflection. There are questions, prayer, faith sharing, and short readings on the Scripture. The series would be helpful for those involved in starting a Bible study fellowship, house church, or mission congregation. It can also be used by established congregations to aid in establishing a small group ministry.

To take a look at the contents and see a sample chapter, click HERE.

(softcover, 44 pages, 5.5"x8.5")


Session One: Abiding in God’s Word
Session Two: Abiding through Hearing and Acting on the Word
Session Three: Abiding by Staying Connected to Jesus
Session Four: Abiding through Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Session Five: Abiding by Forgiving like God
Session Six: Abiding through the Unity of the Believers
Session Seven: Abiding through Unity of the Spirit
Session Eight: Abiding by Walking in Love
Session Nine: Abiding through Works of Love
Session Ten: Abiding in the Word Among Us

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